Executive Coaching

As coaching has become more common, any stigma attached to receiving it at the individual level has disappeared. Now, it is often considered a badge of honour.
— Ram Charan, author Leadership in an Era of Economic Uncertainty

Many agree that as the business world has become more complex, busy corporate leaders are increasingly turning to coaches to make sense of the world and help them navigate their way through it.

Back in the day, coaches were hired to change employees’ behaviours or bring order to the workplace. 

Has that changed!

From middle to upper management, companies are now turning to coaches to help bring out the best in their executives and to help develop the capabilities of high-potential performers.

I’ve worked with Marielle for 5 months. She has a delightful way of making a person explore and acknowledge reality. Marielle provides a neutral space to talk through issues, leading to insight and self-illumination. Her deceptively simple questions have helped me refocus my goals and created an actionable go-forward plan.
— Derek Tucker - Director, eCommerce, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Grow—and discover!

If you have a fierce desire to move your professional life forward, you are a potential candidate for executive coaching.

Maybe you need help fine tuning your leadership skills. Maybe you need a new perspective. Maybe you are in transition either in your current position or between positions. Maybe you simply need help with work life–balance.

Our goal is to help you to unlock your potential and help you put into place specific, meaningful and positive changes in your professional life.
We don’t offer career advice or recommendations. Instead, we work together to find unique solutions along your unique pathway to success.

Achieve more by opening your eyes to the barriers in front of you and by getting the clarity of direction you already have in you. Contact us today if you are ready to gain insight, clarity and a real awareness of what you can do to move your career ahead at full speed.